Prior to the 3 step process, I provide a free 30-minute over the phone consultation to discuss your project and desires. After we determine your needs, the organization can begin.


We work together to determine your goals and the needs of your home and lifestyle.


A personalized plan is created based on the consultation and needs assessment.


We sort, box, donate and recycle, to get the clutter under control.

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Organizing Tips From My Blog

Cutting Closet Clutter: Implementing a Staple Wardrobe

Let’s face it…. closet organization can be intimidating! You may be hesitant on deciding what to keep or toss because you are afraid you’ll need a whole new wardrobe.     This month, I teamed up with wardrobe expert, Renée Johnson who shared some tips with me for creating a staple wardrobe for all seasons.Read more

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7 Easy Steps to Creating A Recipe Binder

The article was originally posted on MilTribe here. With the holiday season quickly approaching, you may be planning to spend a good amount of time in the kitchen. Are you the type of cook to always be looking for new and interesting recipes or do you stick to your tried and trues. Either way, it’sRead more

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Halloween Party Checklist for the Non-Planning Host

The article was originally posted on MilTribe here. Raise your hand if you have a friend that LOVES planning parties? They are always talking about party theme ideas and what foods they should have, like 3 months out?! My friend Jessika is this way. She is always prepared well in advance for any party thatRead more

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3 Easy Rules of Photo Organizing

In honor of “Save Your Photos” month, I decided to take the plunge and re-organize my digital photos. Prior to this, my picture folders had titles like “Summer Fun 2016” and “My Best Friends”… labels that were so vague and at the time really *cute*, but now I really didn’t know what was in them!Read more

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Thinking Outside the (soap) Box

5 Weird Ways to Use a Plastic Soap Holder Do you remember picking up a Soap Box on your way to summer camp? These little guys take me back! Somehow good memories are associated with this little plastic container….weird huh? Well I don’t need them for camp anymore, but I still have a few inRead more

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