The Best Kitchen Organizing Hacks in 2017

With holiday parties, family baking sessions, cookie exchanges and more this time of year is when we tend to be in the kitchen a lot. No matter what your reason is, it’s so much easier to get things made if the kitchen is in order!


I’ve rounded up my favorite kitchen organizing hacks from this year! The best part is, each tip is quick and inexpensive!


I used to despise all of the clutter that ended up around my sink after doing the dishes! Everything was wet and had no place where it could dry and be out of sight. Finding a solution where everything is out of sight AND safely drying without risk of mold or wood damage easily made this one of my favorite kitchen organizing tips this year!



Tupperware lids can really be a pain. They usually don’t stack well and tend to topple over if the pile gets too high! Ugh! One product changed my tupperware life!


I have a lot of great cabinet space in my kitchen, but I was struggling with things like cutting boards and cooling racks. I hated stacking everything on top of each other, only to have to pull EVERYTHING out when I needed the thing on the bottom. What a hassle! Then I found something that rocked my kitchen socks…. an organizer! This has made getting to my cutting boards so much less stressful this year!


Let’s talk about spices! Spices can take over the kitchen! So many different kinds and if you’re like my hubby…we try new recipes all the time, so that means new spices. But where to put them and how to retrieve them easily??








If you’ve started planning your goals for 2018, you might also like to read some of my DIY organizing tips! Like this one, where I made my own bulletin board and idea board. Or check out my post about budget-friendly organizing where I share how I spent only $10 on organizing supplies for a client!


Supporting you in your journey to get organized,




Melissa Rogers, Professional Organizer

With over a decade of experience in both teaching and management, it has been essential that I perfect my organizing skill set! The management of my classroom, and even my programs that I managed, depended solely on the systems I created and my ability to TEACH those systems to others. Since the beginning, I have always LOVED to put things in order! As a kid I would pull all of my mom’s shoes out of the bottom of her closet and line them up or pull all of the towels out of the kitchen drawer and refold them to match. I found it extremely satisfying when everything was in order. Bringing order to spaces is one of my greatest joys!

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