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Melissa Rogers, Professional Organizer

With over a decade of experience in both teaching and management, it has been essential that I perfect my organizing skill set! The management of my classroom, and even my programs that I managed, depended solely on the systems I created and my ability to TEACH those systems to others.

Since the beginning, I have always LOVED to put things in order! As a kid I would pull all of my mom’s shoes out of the bottom of her closet and line them up or pull all of the towels out of the kitchen drawer and refold them to match. I found it extremely satisfying when everything was in order. Bringing order to spaces is one of my greatest joys!



When I became a military spouse six years ago, I quickly learned that whether we are moving across the country or across the ocean, my organizing skills are ESSENTIAL in creating a smooth move and  helping to eliminate unnecessary stress!

My job and passion is to help de-clutter and organize the lives of my clients, whether it be in their homes or in their lives. My philosophy is, if it doesn’t make sense, modify it!

I am so excited to now have the opportunity to help others achieve something that brings me so much happiness. I feel like THIS is what I was meant to do! Please take some time to look around my website and check out the tips I share in my blog!

Thank you for stopping by my page and allowing me the opportunity to support you! If you’re in the San Antonio area and would like to get to work on a project, please contact me! I’d love to see how I can help you achieve your organizing goals.



email: info@modifiedbymelissa.com

phone: 210-504-8299

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