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Why Modify with Melissa

Being a military spouse for the last 6 years has required me to pack up my family and move 4 times to 3 different cities. According to the US Census Bureau people move 11.7 times on average during their lifetime.  Taking into consideration that the current average lifespan is 79 years it’s easy to see that the typical family will move approximately every 6 years. For my family, we have moved 67% more times than what is typical.  

Moving in general is known to be one of the most stressful life events. Since moving is just part and parcel of the military life, I knew I had to figure out how to eliminate the bumps and bruises from the equation; that is exactly what I did! Each move taught me about how to become more efficient by becoming more organized.  

Now, as a result, I have developed my own unique brand of systematic organizing.  I am passionate about teaching you my tips and tricks to help bring you the long lasting serenity your family deserves. Let me modify your space and turn your clutter into calm.  


Every organizational job is personalized to meet your specific needs.

Love your space

Your space should bring you peace and allow you to relax. I can help you to restore that in your home!

How we work

Prior to the 3 step process I provide a free 30-minute over the phone consultation to discuss your project and desires. After we determine your needs, the organization can begin.

We Determine

We work together to determine your goals and the needs of your home and lifestyle

We Design

A personalized plan is created based off the consultation and needs assessment

We Deploy

We sort, box, donate and recycle, to get the clutter under control

Our Work

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